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The dance school Arthur Murray was recommended to us by our friends, whom we are very thankful because they’ve given us the possibility to dance and socialize at the most renowned dance school in the world, thing we found out afterwards. The passion spread by the instructors of this school made us want to make our favorite dance styles perfect and to discover other more complex styles and choreographies.
We chose to learn how to live a healthy life by dancing and we would like to thank all those people who offer us this chance!

Iulia and David

My experience with the dance school, Arthur Murray, has started a few months ago when my husband invited me to mark our 25 years of marriage by dancing. We had a lovely day thanks to the people who guided our steps on the rhythm of our favorite song. That’s when we decided to spend our spare time waltzing, our favorite dance style, together and with the help of the instructors of this school, who made us feel that we are literally getting younger.
I wish you all to discover dancing together with these wonderful instructors!


My name is Olivia and the experience my husband and I had here, at the Arthur Murray dance school, was heavenly. We have recently made our love official in front of God, and after this moment we had the most beautiful party together with all our friends, colleagues and family members. We have prepared everything up to the smallest detail because we both wanted a fairytale wedding. But without the piece of resistance of our wedding, the wedding dance, we couldn’t have said this with certainty. The choreography put together by our instructor was spectacular and sophisticated. The dance lessons were a lot of fun and full of energy and we would like to take this occasion to thank him for making our dreams come true and for all the patience and professionalism showed!