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Dance programs

Arthur Murray Programul Gold

Introductory, basic program

The basic program builds the foundation of dance and is essential in the formation of every dancer. It teaches you the most important moves you want to use immediately, at a basic level. It focuses on three important elements of the dance: (1) the position of the foot; (2) the rhythm and timing; (3) the ability to lead or to follow your partner, with a variety of highly stimulating steps to keep the learning experience interesting.

Arthur Murray Programul Gold

The Associated Bronze Program

This type of program helps you acquire a free movement on the dance floor while you extend and improve your technique and variety of moves. The Associated Bronze dancers start to discover more and more the features and the beauty of dance. This program develops the passion for dancing and makes you become more confident in yourself and in your moves on the dance floor!

Arthur Murray Programul Gold

The Full Bronze Program

This program is the most complete dance program taught by the Arthur Murray studios. It was designed to develop timing and techniques in all ballroom dances selected by you. With the help of this program, you will look and feel comfortable on the dance floor, you will strengthen your ability to lead or to follow, no matter how experienced your partner is. Once you’ve reached this level, you can be sure that you can dance to any musical genre! The dancers in this program acquire all self-confidence one needs on the dance floor because they reached that point where dance intermingles with fun. Once you’ve reached this level, you will never forget the acquired techniques and the elements learnt in every dance!

Arthur Murray Programul Gold

The Silver Program

With the Silver Program, dance acquires a high level of sophistication. The elaborate moves turn into natural moves, the couples seem to float on the dance floor. The technique, balance and control get a whole new meaning. This is the start of a more professional dance style!

Arthur Murray Programul Gold

The Gold Program

This program is addressed to dancers who are passionate about shows and competitions at the highest level. The complicated moves comprised by the Gold Program can be used only if both partners are experienced. The choreography, the style and the technique are just some of the necessary qualities the dancers must possess. Although this program implies much work and devotion, you will be glad to discover that the efforts you put in are recognized and you become a remarkable dancer!