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Argentine Tango

As a passionate dance, Argentine Tango has a rich history, originating in the life and music of the ‘80 in Buenos Aires, when it was performed in the streets and in darksome coffee houses, to tell the story of love relationships.


Swing is lively, buoyant and highly entertaining. Born at the end of 1920’ under the name Lindy, given in the honor of Charles Lindberg, it was considered one of the most popular styles in the first half of the previous century.


When we say Salsa, our mind goes to Cuba! Salsa is an invigorating and sensual dance that does not require a lot of space on the dance floor. Usually, it is danced in two, whereby the woman and the man stay very close one to another, but it may also be danced without a partner.


If there’s a dance that inspires elegance, then waltz is the one! Many consider it the perfect dance, the dance that symbolizes love and closeness between the partners. The waltz steps give you the sensation of floating on the dance floor. It is a dance full of grace and highly appreciated and performed in the whole world!


Rumba is a dance of love, romance and passion. Knowing it is essential to be able to learn easier the other ballroom dances. Elegant and attractive, this dance style offers a variety of steps and manages to bestow on its dancers confidence and accuracy in movements.

Fox Trot

Fox Trot is one of America’s most beloved dance styles. It provides a fundamental base for learning the other dance styles.


There is no other dance to express the passion as tango does! Appeared in 1890 in Rio de la Plata, it spread very rapidly worldwide. It is the most sensual, dramatic, interesting dance, also known as “Dance of the dancers”!!


Cha-Cha is one of the most popular Latin dances which helps you relax and emphasizes your personality. The easy moves and the interesting combinations help you discover the fascinating world of Latin rhythms!


Merengue is an interesting, simple and entertaining dance. Also considered too scandalous when introduced in the United States in 1941, today the provoking merengue rhythms inspire dancers in the whole world to abandon themselves to this charming rhythm.


This dance style has Afro-Cuban roots, just as Rumba does, and is considered to have emerged along with the popular Cuban or Danish dances, such as ‘Danzon’ and ‘Beguine’.

Bolero is usually danced to music in a 4/4 meter, and the tempo is slower than at Rumba. While Rumba is highly rhythmic, Bolero rather sounds as a Latin ballad. Therefore, it is graceful, and the rise and lift movements give fluency to the movement.


Bachata is a Latin dance style that originated in the rural areas in the Dominican Republic. The dance is a direct reflection of the music in the night clubs of the 1960’.


Hustle is a modern and very entertaining dance style that was extremely popular during the disco fever of the ’70. While most of the dance styles require 2 persons, Hustle can be danced either with a partner or alone.

Viennese Waltz

Viennese Waltz is the oldest dance style among those existing today, having its origins in the Austrian folkloric dance, Landler. Emerged in the second half of the 18th century, it brought an extremely rapid tempo, a progressive rhythm, representing a true challenge for all beginner dancers. Once you begin to master the technique, you will look charming on the dance floor!