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Argentine Tango

As a passionate dance, Argentine Tango has a rich history, originating in the life and music of the ‘80 in Buenos Aires, when it was performed in the streets and in darksome coffee houses, to tell the story of love relationships.

Argentine Tango is danced in a hugged position. This position makes it possible for the partners to be closer at chest level than at hips level, which sometimes might lead to full contact between them, a cheek to cheek dance. Nevertheless, the hug is not harsh, but relaxed, enabling comfortable movements. Argentine Tango is a dance full of emotions and sensuality, being often dictated by the accents of a specific song.



Adequate songs for Tango

  • ‘Por una Cabeza’ – Carlos Gardel
  • ‘Santa Maria’ – Gotan Project
  • ‘La Cumparsita’ – Gerardo Matos Rodriguez
  • ‘Otra Luna’ – Carlos Libedinsky

Tango in movies

  • ‘Scent of a woman’ – 1992
  • ‘Shall we dance’ – 2004
  • Tale the Lead’ – 2006
  • ‘Easy Virtue’ – 2008